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Family Dentistry Specialist

Gentle Touch Dental PC

General Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Falls Church, VA

When it’s time to set up dentist appointments for your family, it’s so much more convenient when you can schedule them all together in the same place. As a family dentist, Francisco Rodriguez, DMD, provides dental care for all age groups at Gentle Touch Dental PC, so you can all visit together. If you’re looking for a family dental practice in Falls Church, Virginia, call Gentle Touch Dental PC or request an appointment online.

Family Dentistry Q & A

What is a family dentistry?

Family dentistry is a type of dentistry that focuses on oral health at all stages of life. A family dentist understands and addresses the different dental needs of each age group from a baby’s first tooth to a senior’s dentures.

The family dentists and hygienists at Gentle Touch PC take a unique approach for every stage of life and personality type, including: 

  • Breast or bottle feeding babies
  • Children with baby teeth
  • Adolescents with orthodontic concerns
  • Pregnant women
  • Those with chronic health conditions
  • Adults and children with dental anxiety

When you have a family, it’s nice to be able to see a dentist who can treat all members in the same facility.

What services do family dentists offer?

Because family dentists are well-versed in the distinct needs of every age group, they can offer a comprehensive range of services. The providers at Gentle Touch PC offer the following services and more:

  • Dental screenings, exams, and cleanings
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Fillings and root canals
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Extractions
  • Bridges and crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Full and partial dentures

You can get a variety of general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments in one location. The providers at Gentle Touch also offer sedation dentistry to help calm the nerves of patients with dental anxiety. 

How do I choose a family dentist?

Your choice of family dentist is a very personal decision, so it’s important to write down what’s most important to you and what’s not. These criteria can help guide your search.

Some of the factors you may want to take into consideration to make your decision include:

  • Your provider’s ability to serve all the needs in your family
  • Convenient location and hours
  • Insurance coverage
  • The provider’s approach and personality
  • How comfortable your family members feel
  • Past client reviews and transformations

After you do a little research to find out which dentists suit your needs, you may want to schedule an appointment to meet the providers. You can’t always tell how much you’ll like a dentist until you meet them in person. If you’d like to meet Dr. Rodriguez, call the office or book an appointment online.